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Yes! We Ate the Biggest Croc in the World.

10 Apr

We spent the holy week at the home of the world’s largest saltwater crocodile in captivity.

National Geographic Channel’s zoologist and crocodile expert Dr. Adam Britton measured Lolong (the name of the biggest crocodile) at 21 feet and three inches.

Lolong was captured in Agusan marsh after locals suspected the giant reptile was the one that ate a missing fisherman and several carabaos. Lolong is being housed in an eco-park in Bunawan town.

And I like how the town of Lolong maintained it’s freshness and novelty where the air is so fresh and the surroundings are clean.

As though I was brought back into the primitive.

Where greens are just but…ancient.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said, however, that Lolong should be returned to its natural habitat.

“This world is not my home…I’m just a passing through”.


Tasting Chocolate Hills and Smelling Tarsiers

17 Mar

Tasting Chocolate Hills and Smelling Tarsiers.

Into the Meadows of Velvet Sands

15 Mar

Into the Meadows of Velvet Sands.

Into the Meadows of Velvet Sands

13 Mar

A fancy thought at 16: ImageTheir places.

I wish I could go to Boracay Island where we could relax in the beach, take pleasure in its crystal clear waters, rest in its powdery white sands, and delight in the fullness of the island itself. Yes, I know, it is the premiere tourist destination resort in the country so it probably costs more than my whole education plan/insurance to get there so it’s why I am here just in my couch with  mind drifted in space seizing the benefit of unlimited brain wave luxury. I so like how dreams are made for free! Continue reading