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Officially Summer 10-10 Bucket List

22 Mar

Officially Summer 10-10 Bucket List.


Officially Summer 10-10 Bucket List

21 Mar

After a year of blog silence, here I am back with my summer 2013  project  “Officially Summer”.


  1. Climb Mt. Puting Bato, Samal Island
  2. Camp in Tagaytay Highlands
  3. Revisit Baguio City
  4. Explore the Cordilleras
  5. Capture Banaue Rice Terraces
  6. Discover the oldest surviving Spanish colonial city in the Phils.- VIGAN City
  7. Unearth Laoag City
  8. Encounter Pagudpud
  9. Go crazy with Enchanted Kingdom rides =)
  10. Enjoy Manila, Philippines. LOL!

I am excited at these pieces of delight to glue together. Join me in my “Officially Summer” adventures! Travel tips are highly appreciated. Thank you!

Sand and Water of Camiguin White Island, Philippines

11 Apr

White Island is the only area in Camiguin that has not been ruined by the volcanic eruption that killed thousands of people. Because White Island was spared, the beach’s sand remained white compared to other beach resorts in the area having black sands.


White Island is a white sand bar which forms letter C or sometimes I depending on the wave movement.


White Island takes refuge from Mt. Hibok-Hibok that stood still (at the background) as though the mounts were protecting the sea.

The sand granules of White Island are of purest white, hence the name.

And the waters are crystal clear. Very clean and is best for swimming and snorkeling, but not advisable for longer stays as there are no shades, cottages in the shore.

SO, what have I learned from this travel?

Just a thought about sand and water. I learned that sand and water are two purifying things. In marriage or any relationships, there are grains of sand in the form of personality differences, pride, and many others that cling to your skin and irritate it in ways that make you uncomfortable, but when the waves of love kiss the shore of your heart, the irritation, anger, and impatience will all be washed away. As the waters of forgiveness caress the shores of your heart and as the sands of devotion rub your pride away, you will be cleansed and purified and become a better, mature person 😉

Always making their places my stories,

Zill, xoxo

A Taste of Yellow Summer

2 Apr

A Taste of Yellow Summer.

Into the Meadows of Velvet Sands

15 Mar

Into the Meadows of Velvet Sands.

Into the Meadows of Velvet Sands

13 Mar

A fancy thought at 16: ImageTheir places.

I wish I could go to Boracay Island where we could relax in the beach, take pleasure in its crystal clear waters, rest in its powdery white sands, and delight in the fullness of the island itself. Yes, I know, it is the premiere tourist destination resort in the country so it probably costs more than my whole education plan/insurance to get there so it’s why I am here just in my couch with  mind drifted in space seizing the benefit of unlimited brain wave luxury. I so like how dreams are made for free! Continue reading