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When I Committed Suislide

19 Apr

And I did it…yes, we did it!

Suisliding was my first ever extreme adventure! My husband and I successfully survived the 480 meter zipline called “Suislide”. At an altitude of 200meter, suislide they say is the highest and longest zipline in the Philippines. It is found in Danao Adventure Park, Bohol. Continue reading


Bridal Makeup Looks And Ideas For Your Wedding Day In 2012

13 Apr

Your bridal makeup look is incredibly important on your special day, as that is the day that will go down in your memory for the rest of your life as the day you finally got married to that handsome Mr. Right. Your hair and gown are important, but your wedding day makeup will frame your face and complement your outfit and hair. 2012 has seen a number of popular styles and wedding day makeup ideas. Below you will find some of the most popular wedding day looks 2012 has seen.

Looking Radiant

Much of the bridal makeup in 2012 has seen involves a lot of color, as women love to look gorgeous in colors that complement their wedding gown. Using color helps to bring out your eyes, meaning that your eyes will shine from without and within as you look down the aisle to see that handsome man walking towards you. Colors bring out the natural shade of your eyes, but they also bring out your dark lashes. If you use the right makeup to complement your natural eye and eyelash colors, you can stop his heart as he walks down the aisle.

Want some great ideas? Here are some of the wedding makeup 2012 looks for you to try:

  • Using a light, shining color around the eyes is complemented nicely by dark eyeliner and bright lips. The color around the eyes is a single color, bringing out the natural shade of your eyes without too much emphasis.
  • Using a combination of colors will help to emphasize the shape of your eyes, and is perfect without needing any eye shadow or mascara. Using a dark tone near the bottom of your eyelid and adding progressively lighter tones as you approach the eyebrow will help to make your eyes look wide and beautiful.

    eye makeup styles for brides

  • Dark colors around the eyes will emphasize dark green or blue eyes, while it will make light colored eyes pop. Using a thick layer of dark eye shadow along with dark eyeliner and mascara will make your eyes look full and radiant, and works best with a dark outfit.
  • The application of glossy lipstick in a luscious pink will help to bring out the natural colors of your lips, along with some dark eye shadow around your eyes progressively getting lighter as you go outwards. A touch of light colored blush above the cheekbones and darker blush beneath the cheekbones will help to make any face look thinner, and the look is completed with a dark eyeliner and some dark mascara.
  • Classic red lips and thick black eyeliner will change your makeup from your everyday appearance to the perfect bridal makeup looks for your wedding day, making you look both formal and elegant at the same time.
  • A touch of cat eyeliner along with pinky-red lipstick will make your eyes and lips pop, and keeping your cheeks au natural will emphasize the natural beauty of your lips.

Looking Sultry

Every bride loves to look gorgeous on her wedding day, but a sultry, sexy look is always going to be a good choice for any blushing bride. A sexy look can be achieved without too much makeup, but it does require a proper application. Cosmetic experts applying bridal makeup 2012 will tell you that looking absolutely fabulous on your wedding day is easy, but applying a sultry look will require the deft touch of a master. If you want some great ideas for sexy wedding day makeup looks, read on to find out a few simple ideas:

  • Using an almost natural tone on the eyelids will bring out the darkness of the eyelashes when a touch of mascara is applied, and the natural rosiness of the cheeks can be enhanced with a touch of slightly pink blush. The look is completed with a sexy red color on the lips to make them look fuller, with a slightly glossy finish to make them shine.

    bridal make up blusher

  • Want to emphasize the outer edges of your eyes and make them look wider? Apply a touch of dark eye shadow touching the outside of your eyes and up to the outer end of your eyebrows. Use light or natural eye shadow to touch up the parts of your eyes towards your nose, or forego eye shadow in exchange for a touch of dark mascara. Leave the cheeks naturally rosy, and apply a glossy finish to the lips in a natural color.
  • The “Jessica Rabbit” style can be achieved with a bright red lipstick, nothing on the cheeks, and a light pastel color around the eyes. Use a white or very light eyeliner, and leave the eyelashes free of mascara.
  • A dab of a slightly darker-than-natural pink to your lips will emphasize the naturally sexy look of your mouth, and a touch of darker pink to your cheeks will complement the darkly sexy look. With a touch of dark eye shadow beneath the eyebrow to emphasize the curvature of your eyes and a slightly lighter color on the eyelids themselves, all you need to complete your bridal makeup looks is a touch of mascara to make your eyelashes look fuller and more luscious.

Looking Fresh

bridal make up lipstick

The blushing bride doesn’t have to have too much makeup on, as the fresh, youthful look will emphasize the young bride on her special day. Many young brides trying for a great bridal make up 2012 will find that the fresh, nude look is the way to go. Those with full lips, large eyes, and naturally rosy cheeks will need no cosmetics to enhance all the good looks they were born with, and the radiance of youth can shine through with the following :

  • Don’t overdo it on the makeup around your eyes, but using a touch of eyeliner with a light coat of mascara will help to bring out naturally dark eyes. Rather than using a bright red shade of lipstick, apply a simple, natural red tone with a slightly darker shade of pale blush around the cheeks to emphasize natural facial curves.
  • If you have brilliant blue eyes, they need only a hint of dark purple around the outside of the eyes to contrast bright and dark. Use a dab of mascara to bring out the sultry eyelashes, or leave the lashes untouched. Leave the cheeks au natural, and add a glossy pink finish to your lips to emphasize the natural, fresh look.
  • For natural bridal makeup looks, use a natural pink color to enhance the “nude” appearance of your lips. Use a touch of pink on the cheeks to make them look as rosy as any blushing bride, and leave your eyelashes free of mascara. The only enhancement made to the eyes is a dab of slightly darker eye shadow applied towards the outer edges of the eyes, as it serves to enhance the wide-eyed innocent appeal.

These are the most popular wedding day looks, and these can serve to make you beautiful on your special day.


Hottest Top 10 Pencil Skirt Fashion Trends 2012

12 Apr


We’re going to present the latest pencil skirt fashion trends 2012 here. If you’re wanting to be a sparkling personality in 2012, you must have to apply these trends in your dressing, going to be mentioned here. These trends are deduced from the latest runways related to the fashion trends 2012. So, you’ll find it as a complete guide in terms of being acknowledged about the latest pencil skirt fashion this year!

Pencil skirt is a specific style of skirts that is the most voguish trend this year. This kind of skirts are narrow and fitted skirts that are broader at the upper edge and narrower at the bottom edge. This cut is the peculiarity of these skirts. Hobbling walks defined as with taking short steps are the style of the wearers of this kind of skirts in an attractive way.

There are a lot of fabulous, mind blowing designs of pencil skirts’ collections launched for the year 2012 having a diverse variety of colour combinations, patterns’ schemes and designs. The latest pencil skirts’ collections give all kind of outfits like office wear, party wear, evening wear, casual wear, formal wear, semi-formal wear and college wear etc. Here we’re going to disclose the latest top 10 trends’ ideas going to be a big fashion in 2012!

1. Monochromatic Pencil Skirts 2012

Monochromatic pencil skirts are the latest fashion deduced from the latest fashion runways 2012. These skirts’ collections are defined with the single colour that is the main focus of fashion designers this year. There is a wide set of the hues that are being introduced in the pencil skirt collections 2012. Monochromatic pencil skirt trend gives you the extreme of elegance and attraction regardless to the occasion! So, have fun with single coloured pencil skirts with beautiful and trendy tops in 2012!

2. Flowery Pencil Skirts 2012

Floral trend is at the peak this year! So, floral patterns and designs are also introduced in the latest collections of trendy pencil skirts this year! In 2012, flowery pencil skirts are really awesome and stylish to be worn in parties, dinners and other occasions. This kind of pencil skirts are seeming to rock the seasons of the year 2012! So, have fun with various beautiful designs and styles of flowery pencil skirts 2012!

3. High Waisted Pencil Skirts 2012

High waisted pencil skirts are extremely voguish and eye catching trend going to be a big fashion in 2012 as this trend’s seen in runways 2012. Numerous elegant prints with fabulous materials are going to be in high demand these days. High waisted pencil skirt fashion is one of the hottest fashion ideas while combined with high heels. In 2012, this trend would rock the formal/evening dress styles as well as the informal ones! So get enjoyed by this trend in 2012!

4. Neutral Coloured Pencil Skirts 2012

Neutral coloured pencil skirts are an elegant and gorgeous fashion of the latest runways! All neutral hues like black, chocolate brown, light brown, gray and copper etc are the most gorgeous choice of the year 2012! This trend is accompanied with the bright coloured tops usually to create a beautiful contrasting scheme in a fabulous manner! Neutral coloured pencil skirts can be chosen as a monochromatic skirt or as a patterned pencil skirt as well. Both kind of designs would give a beautiful look. So, catch a fabulous style by applying this trend onto the pencil skirts in 2012 and go rocking!

5. Back-Zip Pencil Skirts 2012

Pencil skirts’ collections 2012 are adorned with back-zip style that is the best design of pencil skirts as it’s easily wearable alongwith it looks good addition in pencil skirt designs too. Well, it’s your personal choice to adopt back-zip pencil skirts this year or not! But this trend is really hot and elegant in 2012 because it gives you an easy wearing and the best-fitted pencil skirt you want! So, enjoy back-zip Pencil skirt fashion to catch the attention of people this year!

6. Lace-Up Pencil Skirts 2012

Laced pieces are top listed this year! There is a wide variety of elegant laces that’re embellished on the pencil skirts’ designs this year. Contrasting laces are the best option of the year 2012, so why this trend couldn’t be applied on the pencil skirts’ collections 2012! Designers worked upon this subject in a beautiful way to launch the latest new designs of pencil skirts in 2012. So, opt for the laced pencil skirts combined with the elegant and trendy tops this year!

7. Belted Pencil Skirts 2012

Belt adornments are a nice addition into the list of the latest fashion ideas related to the pencil skirt trends 2012! There is a large number of beautiful belt designs that are added to the pencil skirts to create a unique style and trend this year. Belts are attached to the stuff of the pencil skirts instead of being as a separate piece and this kind of belts are less practical and more beutifying! So, belted pencil skirts are just going to be a big fashion in 2012, just check it out!

8. Denim/Leather Pencil Skirts 2012

Denim and leather both are the materials that are used in building the skirts up for a long time ago. These materials could be assigned to the classic and traditional materials for the skirts. So, leather and denim made pencil skirts are a big choice of the people. In 2012, this affiliation is the same with a little bit new styles. This trend is the most appropriate choice for all kinds of casual/informal as well as semi-formal occasions and gatherings in 2012!

9. Embroidered Pencil Skirts 2012

Embroidered pencil skirts present the extreme of sophistication and elegance this year! This kind of pencil skirts are so good for the gala dinners, dance parties, wedding parties and other formal parties while accompanied with the latest styled tops in 2012! This trend is in high demand these days as seen in fashion events of the year 2012. So have a beautiful embroidered pencil skirt to be outstanding this year!

10. Polka Dotted Pencil Skirts 2012

Polka dots are so much voguish in pencil skirt designs 2012. Polka dots are liked on skirts’ designs too much by the trendy girls! So this kind of pencil skirts are much appropriate for college wear, office wear or some other occasion like parties etc. So, opt for the latest polka dotted pencil skirts to wear in 2012!

So, these all above mentioned trends are the hottest trends going to be a big fashion in 2012. You can choose any trend out of these trends and you’ll be rocking this year! That’s all about your style!
Source: CHRIS,

Sand and Water of Camiguin White Island, Philippines

11 Apr

White Island is the only area in Camiguin that has not been ruined by the volcanic eruption that killed thousands of people. Because White Island was spared, the beach’s sand remained white compared to other beach resorts in the area having black sands.


White Island is a white sand bar which forms letter C or sometimes I depending on the wave movement.


White Island takes refuge from Mt. Hibok-Hibok that stood still (at the background) as though the mounts were protecting the sea.

The sand granules of White Island are of purest white, hence the name.

And the waters are crystal clear. Very clean and is best for swimming and snorkeling, but not advisable for longer stays as there are no shades, cottages in the shore.

SO, what have I learned from this travel?

Just a thought about sand and water. I learned that sand and water are two purifying things. In marriage or any relationships, there are grains of sand in the form of personality differences, pride, and many others that cling to your skin and irritate it in ways that make you uncomfortable, but when the waves of love kiss the shore of your heart, the irritation, anger, and impatience will all be washed away. As the waters of forgiveness caress the shores of your heart and as the sands of devotion rub your pride away, you will be cleansed and purified and become a better, mature person 😉

Always making their places my stories,

Zill, xoxo

Yes! We Ate the Biggest Croc in the World.

10 Apr

We spent the holy week at the home of the world’s largest saltwater crocodile in captivity.

National Geographic Channel’s zoologist and crocodile expert Dr. Adam Britton measured Lolong (the name of the biggest crocodile) at 21 feet and three inches.

Lolong was captured in Agusan marsh after locals suspected the giant reptile was the one that ate a missing fisherman and several carabaos. Lolong is being housed in an eco-park in Bunawan town.

And I like how the town of Lolong maintained it’s freshness and novelty where the air is so fresh and the surroundings are clean.

As though I was brought back into the primitive.

Where greens are just but…ancient.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said, however, that Lolong should be returned to its natural habitat.

“This world is not my home…I’m just a passing through”.

A Taste of Yellow Summer

2 Apr

A Taste of Yellow Summer.

A Taste of Yellow Summer

2 Apr

Summer time has finally arrived in the Philippines! Image

And I bashed my first summer gig with yes, Y-E-L-L-O-W ✿Image

Because… yellow is sunshine ◕‿◕ and it’s fresh.Image

And it shines…with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness.Image

I chose yellow because it is:Image
joy, happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, laughter, cheerfulness, wisdom, learning, knowledge, clarity, creativity, self-esteem, curiosity, relaxation, health, motivation,concentration, perception, understanding, leadership, enlightenment, stimulating, bright, rich, gold, caution, confidence, and LIGHT.

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven”. Matthew 6:33