Top 10 pieces that delights you!

13 Mar

Top 10 pieces that delights you!

So I was like thinking about “simple-good” stuffs that really delight people. Delightful things are those that amuses, thrills, charms, and enchants,  that which you take pleasure in within a solitary- unfrequented instant.  I wandered off the net and found myself indulging into’s article on “50 Things That Make People Happy”.

There are endless pieces that delight people, but I would like to take you to just  a few that I think tops the chart. These are in no particular order of delight:

1. Finding money in an old pair of jeans. Very delightful especially if you don’t have any and you badly need to re-load because your “delight” is waiting for your text reply.

2. Climbing into bed with freshly washed sheets. What a delight to rests in fragrant pillows and fresh layers after going home from a nerve-racking day.

3. Getting a gift from the delight of your life. Who in the world doesn’t delight in surprises? Especially getting those that which you expect to receive!

4. Hearing/ seeing a baby laugh. Now this is a pure delight. My heart melts when I see my baby niece laugh out loud.

5. Booking a holiday. By just knowing your going off for few days with family and friends to a long awaited holiday destination is just a “wow-delight”.

6. Waking up on a Saturday and realizing it’s the weekend. The most excellent realization of the week. Sleep unlimited, of course!

7. Praise from a boss when having a terrible day at work. A piece of delight that can lift us up and feel great. Encouragement would be a great motivation to work harder.

8. Stuck in a traffic and your song comes on the radio. Can make you forget about the dreadful daily commute. Especially if that song reminds you of your past.

9. Looking back at old photos/ videos. I can’t help but laugh at myself upon seeing the ancient looks of my youth.

10. Sunday dinners. Simple, yet momentous delight especially if the table is surrounded with loved ones.

One thing I have learnt about blogging  is to talk nineteen to the dozen things about what you think and express them… with all the pieces of humor, of course.

So, let’s not wait for each moment to pass by without having discovered and expressed our pieces of delight! Glue it together and create wonderful memoirs together.


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